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theresa vandenberg donche

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Using intuitive gestures and bold physical marks to create energetic line and color, Theresa merges conformity with uninhibited expression; using acrylic, spray paint, oil pastels, ink and pencil to define her work. She paints spontaneously, always experimenting with application to convey the raw essence of emotion and depth of sincerity within each story.


For many years, Theresa studied under San Diego artist Reed Cardwell, from whom she derived much inspiration. She has taught Gestural Intuitive Painting at Bravo School of Art and the San Diego Art Academy, and is currently teaching abstract painting workshops throughout California. Her work has been collected nationally and internationally through corporations and private collectors. 

Theresa Vandenberg Donche currently resides in California.

An alumna of San Diego State University, she earned her degree in Graphic Design and Art and went on to own a successful graphic design agency located in San Diego.

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